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Power to the challenge

Edge Inc.


To provide a new products and services that will support people's lives, Edge Inc. operates in providing the new value ,import assistance, such as Obtaining trademarks and certifications or marketing, to downstream domains, such as retail.


We have dealt with many imported products and have been involved in crowdfunding and influencer marketing.
We offer products that are not well known in Japan to the market in an optimal way.


By forming alliances with numerous partners, including domestic and international retailers and logistics companies, we are able to diversify and optimize our services.


Edge Inc. is an iternational trading company ​

located in Itami and Osaka, Japan.

As an importer, our mission is not only to provide many new values to the Japanese market, but also to maximize the benefits for sellers, buyers, and society.

In order to deliver value that has never been seen by the Japanese people, we develop our business in an integrated manner from marketing to sales, making full use of various channels.


We also use the proper methods of importing products that comply with regulations, certifications, and laws in Japan, so that all stakeholders can proceed with their business with peace of mind.


Edge Inc. will do our best to support you in your challenge.

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“Our mission is to challenge new values.
We aim to create businesses that maximize the benefits of buyers, sellers, and society.”

Project Manager

T. Sueoka

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